The SCA University of Theology and Spirituality specializes in degrees that emphasize professional growth and spiritual enrichment. We offer personalized Master's  and Doctoratal degrees, affordably and online.

The SCA University of Theology and Spirituality offers degrees in:

  • Chaplaincy

  • PsychoSpiritual Counseling

  • Spiritual Care

  • CPE Supervision

  • Multi Faith Studies

  • Pastoral Ministry

  • Religious Education

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Psychotraumatology

  • Psychophysiology

  • Thanatology

  • Nursing and Spiritual Care

  • Social Work and Spiritual Care


Take Online Courses

SCA University of Theology and Spirituality (UTS) offers instructor-lead degree courses, and self-paced degree courses.

Instructor-Lead Courses:  Most of our courses are Instructor-Lead, and you can find a long list of these courses in the New 2020-2021 Student Handbook.  Classes for these form 6 times per year depending on what quarters you are wanting to take course work in.

Self-Paced Courses:  We have a large selection of Self-Paced courses that can be found listed on our website. 

Our Programs


Degree-Granting Institution

On December 29, 2016, the SCA University of Theology and Spirituality received exemption approval. We are currently one of 51 school in the state of Washington who qualify for the exemption that are recognized by WSAC.

The Washington Student Achievement Council has reviewed the materials provided by UTS and determined that the degree programs listed meet the requirements of Chapter RCW 28B.85.040(2)(c) and WAC 250-61-060(7) of the Washington Degree-Granting Institutions Act and thus has granted UTS religious exemption.

UTS will be applying for accreditation with the Association of Theological Schools as soon as it is eligible to do so. We will hope to complete this accreditation as quickly as possible. 

The Spiritual Care Association University of Theology and Spirituality is a fully-Accredited Member of the International Association for Distance Learning.

SCA University of Theology and Spirituality

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