Deepen Your Understanding Wherever You Are

The SCA University of Theology and Spirituality (UTS) degree programs are designed to assist the busy religious professional by offering accessible, online courses that work around their schedules and from their location.

UTS offers Master and Doctoral Degrees in the following areas of study: ​


Master's Degrees:


  • Master of Theology Degree in Spiritual Care

  • Master of Theology Degree in Chaplaincy

  • Master of Theology Degree in Spiritual Direction

  • Master of Theology Degree in Thanatology


Doctorate Degrees:

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Spiritual Care

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Spiritual Direction

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Chaplaincy

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Thanatology


The professors at SCA UTS are religious, spiritual care, and chaplain professionals, working in the field, providing experienced mentorship for students throughout their program duration.

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Graduate Admission Requirements:


  • Master's Degree - Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree in ministry, chaplaincy, social work, or equivalent for a master's program.

  • Doctoral Degrees - Applicants must hold a master's degree from an academic or professional institution for doctoral programs.

Graduate Degrees Documents:

  • Official academic transcripts or educational records (undergraduate for master’s applicants and seminary/graduate for doctoral applicants) are to be sent directly from the granting institution to the Office of the Registrar upon formal application.

  • Complete an application online. Applications are accepted and processed throughout the year. Evaluation of applications takes approximately two weeks.

  • A ministry statement is required of all applicants. This statement should express the applicant's own personal commitment to the program chosen and why the applicant feels it would serve his/her professional needs. Ministry experience should be listed as part of this statement. This is the core component of the application.

  • Two letters of recommendation are required for all degree programs. These letters may be from a professional colleague, former professor, lay member of the parish, or ministry professional.

  • A non-refundable application fee of $75.00 must accompany the application.

Transfer Credits
Transfer Credit

UTS also allows credits to be transferred from other post-secondary educational programs and schools for a Bachelor's Degree Program, Master's Degree Program, and Doctoral Degree Program, and is determined by UTS faculty.


Official transcripts from the granting post-secondary program or institution are required at the time of application. The final credits of study must be completed by following the UTS’s curriculum for each specific degree program.


A maximum of 24 life experience and/or transfer credit, can be applied to any degree program. Tuition fees will be adjusted after evaluations of transcripts and documented life experience are approved. A $50 per credit fee will be applied for each credit used from outside institutions and sources.


A $100 per credit fee will be applied for each credit used from outside CPE programs.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Transfer Credits

•              UTS will accept a maximum of four (4) units of CPE credits for transfer

•              UTS will impose a $100 transfer fee per CPE credit