Our Courses
  • SCA.EL.425 What Health Care Professionals Needs to Know

  • SCA.EL.426 Powerful Communication Techniques

  • SCA.EL.427 More Than Listening: Counseling Skills

  • SCA.EL.428 What We Hear & Say: Spiritual Assessment & Documentation

  • SCA.EL.429 Values, Obligations, and Rights: Health Care Ethics

  • SCA.EL.430 Care for All: Cultural Competence, Inclusion, and Vulnerable

  • UTS.SD.303 Psychology of Religion & Spirituality

  • UTS.SD.304 Pastoral & Spiritual Care II

  • UTS.SD.404 Pastoral Care IV

  • UTS.SD.403 Psychology of Spirituality - Social Dynamics

  • UTS.MD.305 Ethics

  • UTS.SD.102 Interspirituality

  • UTS.PC.201 Progressive Christian Worldviews

  • UTS.PC.204 Introduction to Spiritual Direction

  • UTS.PC.301 Biblical Literacy

  • UTS.PC.302 Biblical Studies & Criticism

  • UTS.PC.303 The Old Testament

  • UTS.PC.304 The New Testament

  • UTS.PC.305 Homiletics

  • UTS.PC.306 Pauline Studies

  • UTS.PC.307 History of Progressive Christianity

  • UTS.PC.310 Integral Christianity

  • UTS.PC.415 Capstone Thesis

  • UTS.JS.301 Introduction to Judaism

  • UTS.JS.302 Jewish Views of the Afterlife

  • UTS.JS.303 Caring for Jewish patients: Holidays as Opportunities for Spiritual Growth.

  • UTS.JS.304 Jewish Texts on Health and Healing

  • UTS.IS.302 An Islamic Perspective on Death and Dying

  • UTS.IS.303 Understanding Prayer in Islam

  • UTS.IS 304 An Examination of Islam as an American Phenomenon

  • UTS.IS 305 Identifying Islamophobia in American Society Today

  • UTS.BCC. 301 Introduction to Counseling Theories in Biblical Christian Counseling

  • UTS.BCC. 302 Techniques and Relationship Development for the Biblical Christian Counselor

  • UTS.BCC. 303 Introduction to Marriage Counseling in Biblical Christian Counseling

  • UTS.BCC. 304 Fundamentals of Biblical Christian Counseling Ethics

  • UTS.BCC. 305 Systems Theory as Used by the Biblical Christian Counselor

  • UTS.BCC. 306 Self-Care and the Clinical Biblical Christian Counselor

  • UTS.BCC. 307 Grief in Biblical Christian Counseling

  • UTS.BCC. 308 Psychodynamic Principles and Theory in Biblical Christian Counseling

  • UTS.BCC. 309 Clinical Pastoral Education

  • UTS.BCC. 310 5th Unit CPE for the Biblical Christian Counselor

  • UTS.CC.301 Introduction to Counseling Theories

  • UTS.CC.302 Techniques and Relationship Development for the Clinical
    Pastoral Psychotherapist

  • UTS.CP.304 Neurophysiological Theology

  • UTS.CPP.301 Introduction to Counseling Theories in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

  • UTS.CPP.302 Techniques and Relationship Development for the Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist

  • UTS.CPP.303 Introduction to Marriage Counseling in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

  • UTS.CPP.304 Fundamentals of Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy Ethics

  • UTS.CPP.305 Systems Theory as Used by the Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist

  • UTS.CPP.306 Self-Care and the Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist

  • UTS.CPP.307 Grief in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

  • UTS.CPP.308 Psychodynamic Principles and Theory in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

  • UTS.CPP.309 Clinical Pastoral Education

  • UTS.CPP.310 5th Unit CPE for the Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapist

  • UTS.CH.203 Mental Illness and Spirituality, DSM V

  • SCA.EL.431 When Care Is Tough: Supporting the Interdisciplinary Team

  • SCA.EL.432 Caring for the Smallest: Pediatrics

  • SCA.EL.433 Far Too Soon: The Anguish of Perinatal Loss

  • SCA.EL.444 The Challenges of Memory: Alzheimer's and Other Dementias

  • SCA.EL.445 Living with Heartbreak: Grief, Loss, and Bereavement

  • SCA.EL.446 Introduction to Spiritual Care at the End of Life

  • SCA.EL.447 Delivery & Continuity of Care: Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care

  • SCA.EL.448 What We Do Matters: Continuous Quality Improvement

  • SCA.EL.449 What to do with Information: HIPAA Compliance

  • SCA.EL.450 Talking about What Matters: Advanced Directives & Planning

  • SCA.EL.451 Building and Maintaining a Chaplaincy Department

  • SCA.EL.452 Spirituality and Aging Course for Nurses and Social Workers

  • SCA.EL.453 Every Health Care Professional Needs to Know

  • SCA.EL.454 Cultural Competence, Inclusion, & Vulnerable Populations

  • SCA.EL.455 Grief, Loss, & Bereavement for Health Care Professionals

  • SCA.EL.456 Counseling Skills for Health Care Professionals

  • SCA.EL.457 Effective Communication Techniques

  • SCA.VW.525 Broadening the Reach of Staff Support: Promoting Staff Resilience in Stressful Situations (1:34)

  • SCA.VW.526 Clinical, Spiritual Existential and Pragmatic Issue in Supporting Patients with Congestive Heart Failure (1:27)

  • SCA.VW.527 Ancient Spiritual Practices in Modern times for well-being: Mantram Repetition Program (0:57)

  • SCA.VW.528 Quality Improvement: Best Practices in Designing and Documenting the Spiritual Plan of Care (1:19)

  • SCA.VW.529 The Courage to be a Chaplain (1:05)

  • SCA.VW.530 Protecting the Soul of Spiritual Care (1:17)

  • SCA.VW.531 “I Never Know What to Say:” Interdisciplinary Team Enhancing Communication Skills through End-of-Life Simulations with Medical residents (1:19)

  • SCA.VW.532 Chaplaincy-Based Advance Care Planning: Partnering to Reduce Readmission Rates (0:43)

  • SCA.VW.533 Chaplaincy Volunteers: How to Develop and Maintain and Effective Program (1:28)

  • SCA.VW.534 Communicating Spirituality to Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementia (1:08)

  • SCA.VW.535 Nurse Provided Spiritual Care: Practices and Perspectives (1:26)

  • SCA.VW.536 Musical Medicine: The Perfect energy Medicine

  • WBI.FC.625 Foundations of Faith Community Nursing

  • WBI.FC.630 Coordinator/Manager Course in FCN

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