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Yes! You can earn your Master of Divinity Degree program completely online.

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program from SCA UTS is for lay leaders, parachurch professionals, clergy, or church educators who are called to become leaders of faith communities or within other ministerial settings.

Graduate Degrees in Divinity

provide students with the skill-set and knowledge to serve as leaders in faith communities. Our program helps the student to foster his or her own ability to interpret sacred texts, develop spiritual discernment, and grow in pastoral sensitivity.

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There are many spiritual, religious, and faith groups.   Many of these groups have their own path to assist people in developing their skills of pastoral care.  Many of them have their own path to ministry and their own path towards obtaining their own Master of Divinity.  However, there are many that do not.  SCA UTS is not meant to replace a student's current spiritual, religious, or faith group path.  It is rather meant for those who need an M.Div. in order to reach their career goals in chaplaincy, spiritual direction, coaching, ministry, and many others.  If you are looking to receive a Master of Divinity degree from an interfaith, interreligious pathway in order to continue your spiritual work, then this path is for you.


  • It's Affordable.
    SCA UTS receives funding from generous benefactors, which allows us to keep tuition very low. You could earn your degree for as low as $7,500. Payment plans are available.

  • It's Convenient. 
    You don't have to put your life on hold to pursue your degree. Our programs were created with the busy professional in mind. Everything is online and tailored to meet your needs.

  • It's Reputable. 
    With degree-granting authority from the State of Washington and the backing of the national Spiritual Care Association, SCA UTS delivers programs of the highest quality.

  • It's Realistic. 
    We understand that knowledge doesn't always come from textbooks and lectures.  Oftentimes, hands-on life experience in ministry and pastoral work is the best teacher. SCA UTS offers generous life credits.

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Other Master and Doctorate Degree Programs Available

Master Degrees:

  • Master of Theology Degree in Progressive Studies

  • Master of Theology Degree in Spiritual Direction

  • Master of Theology Degree in Chaplaincy

  • Master of Divinity Degree in Pastoral Ministry


Doctorate Degrees:

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Progressive Studies

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Spiritual Direction

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Chaplaincy

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

  • Doctor of Theology Degree in Religious Education

  • Doctor of Chaplaincy Degree in Certified Clinical Chaplaincy

  • Doctor of Chaplaincy in Certified Psychophysiology Chaplaincy

  • Doctor of Divinity Degree in Pastoral Ministry


SCA UTS also offers Associate and Bachelor Degrees. To see a full list of degree programs, click here


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