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The SCA University of Theology and Spirituality was created to help ministry professionals and volunteers reach their goals of advancing their spiritual training and earning their degrees. We understand that hands-on, life experience in ministry and pastoral work doesn't just come from text books and lectures. Oftentimes, life is the best teacher. Spiritual leadership grows out of the relationships we form with those we support, where providing comfort and hope is the heart of our jobs. 

We may come from many different religious backgrounds and spiritual paths, but the goal is clear - we want to serve others and our Divine spiritual calling. We also want to help the people we work with to have their own experience of the divine presence in their lives. Whether you are religious, humanist, spiritual-but-not-religious, interspiritualinterfaithintegralpanentheist, or other spiritual orientation, we can help you move in a direction that is right for you. Together, we work to create the conversation and dialogue necessary to move to the next level of your ministry career.

Many schools require that you subscribe to specific doctrine or dogma.We realize that there isn't a one-size-fits-all faith tradition. We support all faiths that are serving, nurturing, and promoting peace and well-being for all on earth. We will never ask you to convert to, or evangelize for, a specific faith. That is not our position here at the academy. We will; however, support you on your journey and help to give you the skills needed to become the spiritual leaders you want to become. You already know what you are searching for, we will help you to get there.

Ministry Defined

The SCA University of Theology and Spirituality defines ministry as "the life path that is in service to others while in connection with one's own understanding of the divine". It is the path chosen that moves the individual to a deeper connection with others and a clear understanding of the self.


Individuals involved in ministry are deeply committed to individual self-reflection and social responsibility. They are self-aware and nurturing. Ministry professionals are found in a variety of vocations and avocations such as music ministry, spiritual direction, health care, education, counseling, pastoral care, chaplaincy, religious education, church leadership, church administration, and other religious organizational positions, both professional and volunteer.

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