Dr. William Reese, Jr.


Dr. William Reese, Jr. is a psychotherapist, professor, pastor, and philosopher. His endeavors have caused an immense impact on persons from all walks of life. Dr. Reese’s educational accomplishments include a bachelors in Religious Studies from Madonna University, a Masters in Religious Studies from the University of Detroit-Mercy, Masters in Clinical Psychology from Michigan School of Psychology, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Michigan School of Psychology, and a Certificate in Theology and Ministry from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has Clinical Pastoral Education Certification from William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. Dr. Reese’s specialization in therapy includes child play therapy, clinical depression, men and masculinities, clergy counseling, family systems, bipolar disorders, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, narrative therapy gestalt therapy, couples counseling, spiritual embodiment, and human sexuality. Dr. Reese currently teaches at several colleges in the Detroit Metropolis including Oakland Community College, Washtenaw College, and Schoolcraft Community College. His students follow him through lower level psychology courses to higher articulation psychology due to his strong meaning-centered course enumerations. Dr. Reese has pastored for 25 years in the Detroit Metropolis, He served as the pastor of the Detroit’s historic Greater Prayer Tabernacle for 18 years, as pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church for 5 years and is currently the Founder of the Church of Our Prayer.